Temporary email detection API

Simple and clean detection for temporary emails


It's very simple to detect temporary emails with our API - for FREE. Currently we can detect more than 4.000 unique domains - continuously increasing.

Request by email

GET: https://api.temporary-email-detection.de/detect/[email protected]

Request by domain

GET: https://api.temporary-email-detection.de/detect/example.com


Email / domain is temporary

{"temporary": true}

Email / domain is not temporary

{"temporary": false}

Ready to use SDK

Available at jprangenbergde/temporary-email-detection


	use TemporaryEmailDetectionClientFactory; 

require 'vendor/autoload.php'; 

$factory = new ClientFactory(); 
$client = $factory->factorize(); 

$isTemporary = $client->isTemporary('[email protected]'); // true 
$isTemporary = $client->isTemporary('info-marcel-strahl.de'); // false